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How a mother took her first step on the moon

A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children.

How a Mother Took Her First Step on the Moon

About The Book

“How a Mother Took Her First Step on the Moon: A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children” is a collection of light-hearted, true stories and an empowering journal for future and current moms.

Author Julianne Bosch illuminates the fun and serious parts of being a mother, offering advice that can help parents when teaching their own kids how to: plan ahead, defend the ones you love, and find ways to laugh at your mistakes.  Traveling, planning, and parenting in many different countries, Bosch teaches her kids how to end arguments early, how to have full experiences, and how to practice what you preach.

Informative and inspirational!


“Julianne’s lively family stories do so much more than merely entertain—they remind us that we’re not alone as we rise to the never-ending challenges of raising a family.These heart-warming and inspiring lessons set us up to succeed while also giving us the space to form our own takeaways as we apply them to our individual lives.”

~Jen Paek (Second-generation Korean-American Mom) is the Director of Production of Accessories for Hot Topic, but her favorite title is mother to Ruby (her toddler).

“You owe it to yourself to pause in your own life’s journey for an afternoon respite nestled up to Julianne’s How a MotherTook Her First Step on the Moon and document your own cherished family moments, life’s lessons, and the memorable wins and occasional losses you’ve encountered along the way.”

~Janet Pino (Chief Administrative Officer, Tuscan Gardens Senior Living Center) and Mom of three successful and considerate adult children.

“Julianne, your stories reminded me of a conversation I’d had with my Grandma about raising kids. She’d raised eight children on Grandpa’s income as a schoolteacher and after-school custodian.When we were expecting our first, I’d asked her,“Grandma, how did you do it? How did you and Grandpa raise eight kids?” Her reply was unapologetic and straight from the shoulder,“You just f*%#ing do it.”She was right. ..."

~Wyatt Barrett (former stay-at-home Dad: ten years/two boys) Mommy & Me playgroup member, Tumbles Time and Joyful Jumping enthusiast, baseball and soccer coach, YMCA camping leader, PTA president.

“As a parent I have always looked to others whom I have great respect for, who have walked the path ahead of me, and who are able to sprinkle crumbs of advice for me to pick up and take along on my own journey of parenting my children.Years ago in a personal conversation, Julianne shared some of her stories on how she was navigating it all... I was so connected to her perspective that I begged her to write a book, selfishly for me, so I can refer to it when needed! Julianne, these stories of motherhood are a gift to your family and to all of us who are just trying to do our best as Moms. I want to thank you for reminding me to be present, to be creative, to laugh, to be kind, to show unconditional love, and to be vulnerable with my kids, because these, without a doubt, are the best years of my life.”

~Ali Landry Monteverde (Actress, Model, Host, Former Miss USA, People Magazine 50 Most Beautiful People, RE/SHAPE Live, Spokes-Mom) of three curious and amazing children.

“I love that Julianne shares stories of her travels and all the places that she lived with a sense of humor and candidness.A life well lived with beautiful memories that will have us all asking for more in our own lives and perhaps cause us to hop on a plane on a whim to create more stories with our families. “Julianne’s book will not only keep you laughing but will bring back all the beautiful memories and emotions of raising your own children.”

~Pam Sowder is a work-from-home mogul, social influencer, mentor and author of Rich Girl Poor Girl. She co-founded the billion-dollar brand, It Works and is a proud Mom and Grandmother of three.

“Julianne has always been an inspirational ally. Her life philosophy, service focus, and her organized and amusing way of living her life supported my growth toward being a better mom. “Her stories remind me of times we’ve shared together. In many ways, I wish I could go back to certain moments and not directly use her exact means but adapt them to my style.As the motherhood role is ongoing, I am now thinking about how to refine my own style going forward.”

~Karem Pascual (International non-profit sector recruitment consultant for organizations in Asia, Latin America, Middle East, North America, and Europe, Mom) of three amazing young adults raised as conscious global citizens

“How a Mother Took Her First Step on the Moon is a fun, easy read with memorable stories and life lessons to pass on to our children. I also loved the thought-provoking questions at the end of each story. “As a Certified College Counselor, I believe giving your kids the ability to communicate, to be their own advocates, and to take responsibility for their own actions gives them life skills that every successful parent should aspire to pass on to their children.”

~Candy Zech (Certified College Counselor, Grandmother and Mom) owner of Candy’s College Counseling.

"Julianne, your book How a Mother Took Her First Step on the Moon was the highlight of my year! I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds."

~Haley Kim is a 4th grade teacher at Providence Elementary in Denton,Texas, a nine-year breast cancer survivor, and mom to Taylor, an intelligent, dynamic teenager.

About the author

Julianne Bosch - Author

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver, “The Summer Day”

Living abroad, I would meet people with new careers and lifestyles that were different from my own. I am a naturally curious person and that is what I appreciated about moving around the globe: being exposed to a diverse map or makeup of this world. Each human can teach you something or allow a lens to view new perspectives. We all have one wild and precious life.

How A Mother Took Her First Step On The Moon-A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Advice to My Children began as a 50th birthday quest. Mothers leave a mark. So I chose to give a gift to my children instead of receiving gifts by writing a collection of uplifting true stories and an empowering workbook for parents.

And now book two, How She Took Her First Step On the Moon-A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Interviews is being written exploring mothers advice around the world, due out this fall! It is a wild ride. But why stop at 50? Why not make it the #BESTDECADEEVER! 

My name is Julianne Bosch, I am a mother to three children, Sofia and Alexander who are twins, and Isabel. I was an expat wife and I am starting to forget to count the “where’s” but my closets are organized and the life lessons abroad have been learned and cherished. Now, I live coast to coast
from San Diego to Sarasota due to my husband’s job. In 2021, I decided that, after moving back to the United States from Ireland, I needed a new career. My children were adults and I became a Professional Career & Life Coach, practicing with clients virtually via zoom. Where my husband goes–I
go. So I get the best of both worlds: I have a job that is extremely fulfilling and I get to travel with my partner of 28 years.

Julianne Bosch

How She Took Her First Step on the Moon
A Mother’s Keepsake Journal of Interviews

Upcoming book!

Read the first book and then prepare for the next step in the journey.  Join Julianne as she interviews mothers in this authentic and vulnerable view into the lives and challenges women face in their lives.

Book 2 - How She Took Her First Step on the Moon - A Mother's Keepsake Journal of Interviews